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CEOI 97 - Nowy Sącz

Problem: Integer Intervals

An integer interval [a,b], a < b, is a set of all consecutive integers beginning with a and ending with b.

Write a program that:


The first line of the text file INT.IN contains the number of intervals n, 1 Ł n Ł 10000. Each of the following n lines contains two integers a, b separated by a single space, 0 <= a < b <= 10000. They are the beginning and the end of an interval.


Your program should write one integer to the first line of the text file INT.OUT; this should be the minimal number of elements in a set containing at least two different integers from each interval.


For the text file INT.IN:

3 6
2 4
0 2
4 7
the correct solution is the text file INT.OUT:

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