Our representatives will wait the CEOI team members at the Railway and Bus station in Sárospatak.

ELVIRA - Railways of Hungary

Useful Tips

  • If you want to travel fastest from one railway station to another in Budapest, take the metro. Déli pályaudvar (pu) i.e. Déli railway station and Keleti pu are connected by the red metro line, with Déli pu at one terminus. Nyugati pu is situated on the blue line. You can change from the blue line to the red one at Deák tér. At Déli pu there is an on-line, English-speaking touchscreen computer with maps that will help you orientate. Of course, you can ask for help at the „Információ" at the railway stations.

  •  You have to buy tickets in advance if you want to use public transport in Budapest. They cost 170 Ft each and can be bought at the railway stations. Don’t forget to punch them at the metro stations or on the bus.

  • If I were you, I wouldn’t take a taxi from the airport to the city centre. Taxi drivers with a car without a company label may overcharge foreigners. :-( You’d better take the Minibus. (full fare ticket oneway: HUF 2100, discounted roundtrip ticket: HUF 3600.)

  • To get help for travelling to Sarospatak don't hasitate to contact Ms Mária Bujdos: the handy phone number is: (+36 70) 235-2067

 … other information:

  • You’d better bring your swimming costume because we’ll be going to thermal bath.

  • Parallel to the CEOI, a Programming Competition will be announced on the Internet, as well. You’ll find the tasks and  the address to send the solutions to on the CEOI website.


Budapest Metro Map


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