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Aranyos, Gabriella

John von Neumann Computer Society

Hanák, Péter

Ministry of Education

Horváth, Attila

Zrínyi Miklós Secondary School

Horváth, Gyula
scientific committee

University of Szeged

Szlávi, Péter
editorial board

Eötvös Loránd  University

Zsakó, László

Eötvös Loránd University

The organiser and the hosts

John von Neumann Computer Society

As a significant professional body and learned society in the Hungarian IT community, the John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSZT) is dedicated to preserving values that can be included in today’s knowledge-based society as well as to setting new directions that meet the requirements of the age and to actively forming the IS world of the future.

Mission statement (Core purpose of the society)

The Society is an independent forum committed to promote the following both in Hungary and Hungarian-speaking communities abroad:
  • the study and practice of Computing and the dissemination of the results;
  • maintaining the prestige of the profession as well as the highest standards and defining the standards of professional conduct;
  • representing the profession and others engaged in IT on issues of importance;
  • providing opportunities for its members for participating in the international community of IT specialists, disseminating information important to the advancement of knowledge in IS, promoting computer literacy and IT education.

Scope of activities

The Society is a non for profit organisation, which provides services and promotes activities including:
  • providing opportunities for its members to participate in the work of the IT community; trying to integrate students and young professionals in the work of the IT community; providing opportunities for networking within national and international organisations,
  • assessing and preparing research, development, educational and training projects;
  • giving professional advice, advising the Hungarian government, its agencies as well as business and social organisations on IT-related matters;
  • preparing conceptions, studies and expert opinion;
  • organising lectures, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and courses;
  • organising study-tours both in Hungary and abroad;
  • by announcing competitions and founding awards it acknowledges excellence;
  • representing Hungary in national and international scientific organisations,
  • spreading computer literacy, coordinating ECDL examinations.

For more information see the homepage of the Society

Zrínyi Miklós Secondary School

 Zrínyi Miklós Secondary Grammar school looks back on 106 years of history. The beginnings date back to 1895, when teaching started with two classes. The building which houses the school was finished in 1897. Since its opening, the school has become an important intellectual workshop of Zalaegerszeg
A special feature about the school is the juxtaposition of what is old and new. Traditions are honoured and held in esteem, but at the same time Zrínyi is a very innovative institution. For the past decades the framework of education has greatly changed. The traditional 8-form-school, which was replaced by 4 forms in 1950, was restarted in 1997. The school offers specialization in languages, Maths, Science and Art subjects, and provides all students courses in computing. The school is competitive. One of the main goals is to prepare students for higher education. More than 90% of students pass the entrance examinations and get admission to different universities and colleges.

Although academic excellence is at the centre, life at Zrínyi is not all work and no play. All-around excellence is also cared about. There is a range of activities outside the classroom from rock bands to school choir and different sports training. It is also important that students enjoy their years at school.

Thanks to its outstanding results, the school has made a reputation in the region and its name has become known all over Hungary as well. Its high standard of education has been acknowledged with several awards given by both the General Assembly of Zalaegerszeg and the General Assembly of Zala County.